Linux Terminal “NCurses” Application list.

If you really love the terminal and can’t get enough here is a list of programs that should make you smile. Linux comes packed with so many command line tools already; you can do just about anything without the GUI, but what if you want more? Maybe some of these programs are for you.

Many programs in this list can be installed with your package manager, like apt or yum. Always worth a shot attempting to install from the package manager first.

First and foremost, get a good terminal emulator. I use Tilix as it’s solid and you can have multiple panes. I like it. Should be available already but if not:

On to the programs!


WeGo – Weather Forecasts:

ncmpcpp – Music Manager/Player:

cmus – Music Player:

gcalcli – Google Calender:

Calcurse – Calender, Scheduler:

Task Warrier – Task Manager:


Alpine – Mail Client:

Finch – Chat Client:

WeeChat – IRC:

Charm – Blog Client:


Nano – Text Editor: (Usually installed)

Vim – Programmers Text Editor: (Usually installed)

Jed – Programmers Text Editor:

System Tools

Midnight Commander – File Manager:

iftop – Network bandwith Monitor:

htop – Process Viewer:

ncdu – Disk Usage Viewer:

zsh – Terminal Clock: good example here

Web junk

ffsend – File Sharing:

rTorrent – Torrent:

Canto – News Reader:

w3m – Web Browser:

elinks – Web Browser:


Nethack – Dungeon Crawler:


I was mostly focused on things I know or use. I don’t game in the terminal. If you do

~ by mohawke on January 18, 2019.