Timers, Status and Code, Oh my!

Before I deleted my site I had posted some simple programs that fire a timer in order to count down the days to an event. I wrote this in both XCode and IronPython which can be downloaded with full source below. I also started writing this in VB.Net, but decided it’s so similar to the IronPython code why bother finishing it. I do have some code if you’re interested.

If you don’t have a copy of Visual Studio and would like to code GUI apps in C#, VB.Net, IronPython, etc. grab a copy of SharpDevelop. It has a visual GUI designer, compiles to exe and all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a modern IDE, all for free.

The XCode version I will admit may not be the greatest, but I am learning XCode and Obj-C. It’s the whole reason I wrote this. I had noticed that a lot of people were interested in running apps in the statusbar while researching so maybe pieces of this code can help someone. If nothing else, you get a free countdown clock. Right?

I am placing this in the public domain (full source code included), use at your own risk and all that jazz. If you’re running Lion I would suggest using the Lion version. I used auto reference counting so it is more likely you won’t run into bugs – I’ve been running it for a month now with no problems.


Lion  Stable

Snow Leopard

Windows (IronPython)

Windows (C#)  Stable