Windows Authentication from CherryPy served from Apache 2.4/WSGI using Python 3.4 64bit.

Here’s an example with working code and all the modules to get CherryPy running in Apache via WSGI with Windows authentication. Just download and copy Apache24 and coolwhip to the C: drive, add your IP\domain to httpd.conf, and fire up the server. See the read me for more details, installing Apache yourself, and Python libraries needing to be installed.

This example will also show how to mount a static folder in CherryPy for your images, javascript, etc. and the basic use of a Jinja2 template. This is the beginning of a bigger project so it’s very basic with the intentions of growing into a MVC Ajax powered site. It’s going to be fun! Tested on latest Windows server (AD environment) and my local home machine (localdomain) running Windows 10.

If you have trouble with localhost access on Windows 10 try changing the port from 80 to 8000, 8080. Make sure you start Apache as an admin.

Download (15.8mb) SHA: a193f0ecd6f2f88c908dab622304ce4163e17a21