Why Facebook is king

Why is there no real Facebook alternative? Because no one is creating it!

You got Twitter microblog clones, Ello for creators, MySpace for music, DeviantArt for the artsy crowd, Mastidon for whatever the server owner is into, old style blogs, blah blah…

I hate to say it but a lot of people just want to easily hook up with or find people they know, share shit, show photos, see live events they can join with friends, and communicate without a theme, narrative, or moderator all on one easy to use service. If you like Twitter, sharing photos or work cred, or have a specific interest to talk about you’re covered. This is why Facebook is king and will stay king until someone does the same shit more secure, more private, less greedy, and better in regards to presentation. Oh, and people don’t want to pay for it and the service will need to get as many people, and orgs, to join as possible since Facebook has become the de facto White and Yellowpages of the future. Not being able to connect with people I care about is the number one reason I dump other platforms and the reason those people don’t join, mostly. Sometimes it’s cost or overly technical offerings they don’t want to learn.