COPPA is yet another misplaced control.

Why didn’t Google, YouTube simply take video content a creator choses to mark as thirteen and up or monetizes out of the public space and require users to be logged in to view those videos regardless of actual content? Seems to me that giving your cash cow a choice is better than keeping everything public at a possible loss for all concerned. Place the burden on the actual parent not the general population. They will be bound by the EULA and TOC, if they allow their children to create or view adult accounts it’s on them.

And what the hell is with these COPPA fines? Are you nuts?! The fine is less if I blow through a red light that could actually cause injury or death to a whole family.

Why are webmasters and content creators required to protect other people’s children anyway? If these mothers’ and religious nut-jobs who are the base of these children advocate groups are doing such a great job of parenting then it should not be an issue. The internet didn’t give these children an iPad and an internet connection. Make the parents sign a waver if they want internet while young children are in the home and require them to use parental controls.

If these groups have their way they will protect the children to the point of us becoming like China. It’s bad enough politicians actually think they need web masters to protect idiots from cookies and ad content. Sorry, as soon as you get a birth certificate you no longer have a private life. The government by law exposes more about it’s citizens than anyone. Just take a look at MyLife, Spokeo, or any other scumbag business making money off you simply living your life, cough, Equifax. I don’t get a cut of the money these companies make off my data that I never had an option to deny them the use of.

It also sucks that the larger portion of law abiding citizens suffer because of a minority of criminals. Why do we pay for the bad actions of others? Why? By the way, there is no gaurantee protecting a child will not result in them growing up to be one of these criminals.

I’d also like to know why television can target children all day long without a peep. You ever watch Adventure Time between toy commercials? Jesus, people! Is it not the same thing? You can hardly find a movie that is not watered down to PG13 to protect children (to rake their prents money in, I should say). These children become adults regardless. You are not protecting anyone. I grew up in the 70s/80s! All the kids I grew up with should be utterly destroyed. They are not. They all have jobs, children, and are mostly responsible adults. I have stories.

It makes me think that this really isn’t about protecting children, at least from the political side. It’s really about further destroying the free internet and freedom of speech while making the wealthy more wealthy through control. They have been trying for years to destroy internet freedom and they are winning. It’s also is an easy way to get boat loads of free money based on anything they determine to be an offense. This is yet another excuse to censor the people, because under the hood many of our corporations and politicians hate freedom, especially when the commoners are threatening their profits and old business models.