Just because Apple says it’s waterproof doesn’t make it so.

My son has the Apple XS iPhone, which was advertised as water resistant. Well, he was video recording a restoration project and the phone got splashed when he was washing the object he is restoring.

Within a day it began displaying damage as the screen and camera began to behave oddly. I told him to shut it down and let it dry after he mentioned it getting splashed. It did get better after a couple days under a fan but the flickering continued. Phone is actually still usable, the flicker is just annoying.

Of course we got Apple care with the phone. According to the warranty you can break your phone being stupid at least twice before being charged. As for a pristine iPhone, and I mean not even a fucking scratch, with just a little water that somehow got in by being splashed on a device Apple marketed as “water resistant” we were charged $95 for the repair.

We have had iPhones since the first phone was released in 2007. Between my wife, son, and myself upgrading about every two years consistently we have only used the warranty once on a phone that had developed a home button issue. Come on, Apple.

People literally let their teen brats shove a $1000 phone in their ass pocket and sit on it all day at school and you’ll fix that?! What happened to customer loyalty? Every phone we trade in looks brand new, you cunts! You couldn’t just replace one phone? You’re a multimillion dollar corporation who makes huge amounts of money selling virtual shit on your expensive iPhone storefront.

I already hated Apple. I think they are a greedy capitalistic shit hole company who acts like a caring hippie so the dumb money hoarders don’t feel guilty buying their toys.

* They are as guilty of poisoning children as any other tech company, as they want you to pitch you phone at least every two years.

* They kill viable hardware by blocking updates while selling lessor ‘new’ hardware that runs the latest OS they are blocking you from getting.

* They kill the small businesses that become reality through their ecosphere by stealing, replacing, or buying it out. Thanks for obsoleting great products I paid for over the years, dicks!

And all that while over charging their customers for hardware. If you’re rich and/or computer dumb they are great machines but my 2001 Gateway m675 outlasted every Mac my wife and I ever owned and it ran Windows 7 when I gave it to charity in 2016. That beast only cost $2k.

I just wish there was a better alternative than Android. That’s just a whole other shit show. I will give Apple points for security and privacy over Android and now that the hardware and options are about the same, security is the only point to argue for iPhone.