Boltune wireless ear-buds work great with Linux

I bought these awesome wireless ear-buds so I could game without bothering my wife. She has Apple AirPods and raves about them. Well, I’m not spending that much to listen to games and occasional music. I wouldn’t want to take them out of the house at that price point. Don’t get me wrong, Apple makes some nice products, I’m just not that into Apple for the sake of Apple. I searched Amazon and after a couple of days of research I settled on the Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in ear stereo wireless headphones.

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Sound Quality

The sound is amazing. Blew all my other head phones away. I’d dump my wired pair if I didn’t use those in bed when I read. I need background noise and it’s too cold for a fan. I’d likely lose them if I tried that. The volume control works as expected with a double click on the right. Sound is crisp and clear and the bass is thumpy. I got no distortion even with my device turned up as well as the buds.

I will admit that I do not use it for making calls. I cannot speak to the quality of the mic or the calls themselves but per the reviews people did not seem to have any issues.


The battery has been great. I listen to them loud and I charge between use. I have not run out of power while listening to music, longest I used them was over two hours. I have not changed the box yet but it seems to keep them charged even after a couple of weeks. I am riding on the charge they shipped with, to be honest. If you use them daily for hours you’ll likely need to keep things charged more often. They say 6 hours of music at medium volume with the box lasting 40 hours or so. I was concerned about the amount of time they take to charge but they were on par with most other brands I looked at at this price point. The buds themselves seem to charge fairly quickly.

Build and Fit

The buds themselves are very well built.The buttons are stiff and you have to push a bit to get it to register, which I think you want.The case isn’t very fancy and I could see the hinge breaking if you carry them everywhere you go and constantly open and close the case. Apple has most beat on cases.

The fit is good. I find the right goes loose so I may swap the tips for the bigger size. They give you a small, medium, and large set in the box.



The first thing I connected them to is my Linux machine. The second was my iPhone. Both worked flawless and moving between them is a matter of turning the blue-tooth off on the device you are no longer listening to. They just connect without a hitch.


Great wireless ear-buds for around $50.00. When I bought them Amazon had a coupon so I got them for $36 shipped. The coupon was still there for me at the time of this writing. If you are looking for a good sounding, decent battery life, and economical set of buds, these might be for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to