Flash Gauges

Flash is dead, these are old, and there are now a lot of great open source gauges – see bottom. I leave these only for nostalgia purposes. Use at your own risk. Two of my favorites, and I have used in my latest hand coded dashboard project are Canvas Gauges and ApexCharts. I highly recommend both.

Small suite of Flash based dashboard gauges, meters and monitors which I originally posted because free gauges were hard to find at the time. Full source is included, but you will need Flash. Last version from which these were compiled is Flash Pro 8. These gauges are dynamic and can be fed by PHP, ASP or whatever. I used Python on Apache (WSGI) and in some cases JQuery doing Ajax updates. There are both server and Javascript versions for download. Be aware that I am no longer supporting these gauges as Flash is on a steady decline in my opinion, plus there are some nice Javascript libraries showing up. You can still contact me if you need assistance, but I no longer have Flash and can no longer add or edit these. These gauges are open source, licenses included.

See them live on the demo page. My old canvas gauge is there as well.

Update: Feb. 2015.

So these originals have become very old and I have reworked a few, and yes the old ones do still work. I have recreated a couple of these in Flash 9 Pro. The problem with Flash is the price. I simply don’t use it enough to warrant the purchase at home. I really think Adobe should reduce the price of Flash Professional before JavaScript completely removes any need for it. These gauges are Ajax driven and do not work on Apple mobile devices.

Here’s the new look below, created in Inkscape. You can download the Inkscape templates, working gauges with sample html/Javascript, and source here.I hope it’s helpful.


Server Version:

open_gauges-v1.0.1.tar.gz   MD5:  6ee222b0bd301780d8dfe326d6a25315

Javascript Version:

open_js_gauges_1.0.tar.gz  MD5:  623dc2383781bd5d1defc9d243a945b0


If you’re interested in these you may also be interested in these others that are more complete and maintained. I also would stay away from Flash as it’s officially a dead technology.


Open Flash Chart

Canvas Gauges

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