Moon Diary – The Witch’s journal

Update – There is a major bug in the database code that causes loss of entries. Since I never got any feedback I am not patching or rewriting this software. Use at your own risk. Plus, it is old as fuck.

I created a simple journal application (book of shadows) geared towards Wiccan, it can double as a mood journal, and it’s free to use, forever – just made it for the hell of it in Xojo Basic since I got a cheap copy. If you want a secure and simple journal give it a try. All database entries are encrypted.

You can export all posts, create PDF or RTF of entries. It displays the current moon phase, weather, and astrological sign. It will notify you of Sabbats and Esbats as well. It’s only a Mac application though, sorry. Maybe if people like it I’ll make it better, add more features, and make it for Windows and Linux as well. Comment!

Update 2015-02-06, bugs: First launch shows black screen on entry listing. Not sure if this is just isolated to Yosemite or not, but restarting the app fixes this issue. I may rewrite this in Swift when I get time, which should be a bit more stable.

Update 2015-11-28: I’m planning a total rewrite in Swift and C#. I’m planning versions for Windows and Linux. The Windows and Linux versions will likely be released first and will ride on Mono,  for at least the Linux version.

Download for Mac 10.7+ MoonDiary