Steam is a loss of freedom.

If you bought Cyberpunk 2077 from GOG you own the game. You can download the installer as a backup and the game is DRM free. The same is true of all the games there and they do a good job of updating and patching games.

Steam is a controlled game store. Steam has many of the same older games as GOG but you don’t really own them and cannot play them without Steam. If people would stop enriching Valve maybe GOG would have more new titles DRM free that you own. If I really can’t wait for a new release I think buying it direct from the mfg. or Amazon is smarter than Steam.

Valve may be working on Wine to seem friendly but I have yet to give a shit. I play many games in Wine without Valve, Valve is just getting you hooked into a game store where they hold all control. They might as well be Apple or Microsoft. Try to install an open source Windows app that can only be downloaded from the windows store.

GOG may not have the latest games, but as you’ve recently seen, buying the latest and greatest is typically a bad decision. Just wait, games get cheaper and better with age, like fine wine.

GOG also works to get games running in DOSBox and Wine. They give up too easily IMO, because out of the 99 games I own, many of which are listed as Windows only, just work. Only one out of those 99 games refuses to run on Linux, that and one expansion – Hellfire for Diablo.

Last but not least. Steam is not secure. I had money stolen via a linked credit card when my then young son dumped a GTA V mod into the game folder. Luckily my credit card company noticed many purchase attempts and alerted me, but it got a couple of purchases through before the card was disabled. Just be aware…

I have been Windows gaming on OS X since at least 2006 and Linux since around 1995! Good luck on OS X now, Wine Bottler and Play On Mac are both broken by Apple currently. I tried my damnedest to get UBoat running on Mac for my dad. Too bad he is not a Linux user, shit loaded up with very little problems, and yes, I bought UBoat on GOG.