Three things that should scare Americans

I don’t like being political, but…this, and that’s only some of it. Three things that should scare the hell out of all Americans.

  1. Project 2025 head by an incompetent leader who will turn his back on our allies, stack our military and government with incompetent loyalists, and hand our enemies everything they want. Not to mention weakening the people of America further with his self-serving policies and division.
  2. The internet as a propaganda machine, intelligence gathering treasure trove, and attack vector for our foreign and domestic enemies.
  3. The current relationship between Russia and China along with recent activities with Iran and Cuba.

This is not the time to be apathetic in fact checking or ignorant of truth. This is not the time to hate our neighbors over ideological, cultural, or physical differences. This is not the time to base decisions on foreign conflicts driven by terrorists and a fascist criminal looking to evade accountability or even the age of our democratic candidate. This is not the time to leave our fate to deities that failed to save others from similar circumstances. This is not the time to ignore the supreme court’s recent actions that favor Trump and authoritarian theocracy over the American people’s democracy!

The Republican party head by Trump no longer hide their treason, criminality, or hate for their fellow citizens, they have embraced it. They are saying there will be bloodshed if they don’t get what they want. It should be easy to see what’s happening as it’s more transparent than glass, including Trump’s age, mental slips, and lies, but a few truths remain. People have short memories of the past, people are lazy, and people believe “it can’t happen to us”. We simply have had too many years of prosperity, security, and relative peace to sense the danger we are truly facing.

Putin recently said that he would prefer that Biden win the 2024 election. He said that Biden, that feeble old man voters believe is losing his mental facilities, would be more of a challenge for him while his state actors, at his direction, are working to assist Trump in getting reelected. It’s very telling that he would assist a man he obviously considers weak over someone he obviously considers a strong leader.

The reality of this election is that you are not voting for Biden or Trump, you are voting for a violent dictatorship that risks everything you know verses democracy that you have known. Neither of these men will outlive this decision. This choice is not in a vacuum either, our choice will affect the global community. The U.S. in it’s current form, although damaged, along with NATO still holds the world together. If we fail, it will not only affect our country, it will likely affect the whole world order.

The only way to save our country, and possibly the world, is to vote for democracy in the house, the senate, and the presidency. Will it solve all of our problems? No, but it will make it possible to fix them in the future and undo some of the damage that has occurred over the last few years. Please keep our constitution, along with our freedoms and protections, intact. Vote!

And stop with Biden’s age and ability when this is the alternative, who is always on a teleprompter having bad nights and days for years! Also, do not let Trump lie to you about Project 2025 as pieces have been implemented and Trump had those folks in his admin.