How to fix a ASUS ROG laptop installing Pop OS adding HP scanning ability.

Installing Pop! OS 18.10 on a 2017 Asus ROG fixes every problem Windows created. 😂 Over heating? Fixed. USB connection issues? Fixed. Driver issues? None. Touch Pad sucks? Nope. Of course you might not be able to play all your favorite Windows games, but I get most to work if I put my mind to it.

Create a bootable Pop USB from the latest ISO.

Plug in the USB. Reboot into BIOs, F2 while starting.

Turn off Secure Boot and set the USB as the first boot disk option in the BIOs. Save and reboot.

Install Pop 18.10

Go into drivers and select Nvidia Proprietary. Reboot. I reverted back to Noveau since we are not gaming. Driver is solid. Ubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie causes issues with Nvidia drivers, FYI.

Check for updates in the Pop Store – automatic. Install all. This will update Nvidia settings app also.

Install Budgie, or whatever DE you want, via apt. Do not add any PPAs for Budgie. Apt will give you the latest. I intall Budgie because I like the way OS X flows and it’s very similar.

sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop

** If you need to setup the HP scanner drivers:

Install Synaptic package manager. Do a complete removal of all HP/HPLip packages OR do apt purge.

Download the driver from HP.
Search web for HP Plugins. You can try automatic install during driver install but it would not work for me. The plugin should match the driver version, currently 3.18.12.

Right click each file, select permission tab, click executable.

Run the hplip from the terminal. ./

You can use defaults. When it asks for plugin point to the plugin you downloaded. Scanner should now work.

If you game install Steam from the Pop Store and Lutris from the Lutris site. Should be ok with the proprietary driver. If I set it up I’ll let you know.

Done. Setup the rest as you like. Seriously though, you can just install a real copy of Windows 10 – free download – and it should fix most things if you don’t like Linux.

See my software list for some great applications to get you on your way.