Three things that should scare Americans

I don’t like being political, but…this, and that’s only some of it. Three things that should scare the hell out of all Americans. This is not the time to be apathetic in fact checking or ignorant of truth. This is not the time to hate our neighbors over ideological, cultural, or physical differences. This is […]

Why Facebook and PayPal, and most online services, are worse than scammers

I used to tell a joke back in the eighties, what’s the difference between an outlaw biker and a cop? The length of their hair. Meta, previously Facebook is the cop. A major retailer named Sam Ash went out of business recently and the scams flooded in on Facebook offering huge clearance discounts. One account […]

Ubuntu 24.04 installs snaps by default using apt? Nope!

While reading through Ubuntu blogs I came across this post complaining about snaps, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH UBUNTU 24.04. It may be partly true, I am not sure as I did not install a ton of shit using apt to test. I will say that it is likely very true of the new app […]

Quick Linux Install Tip – Drives

One of the best things about Linux is that you can use a drive as home. It’s easy to simply let the Linux installer configure your drives, but is it the best solution? I don”t think so. Either way, this is how I do things. Note: If you just want to use a full drive, […]

Haiku OS Themes

I created these Haiku OS themes and a wallpaper over the weekend. View the info file to see how to install. They require ThemeManager, which can be installed from HaikuDepot. I did not create the wallpaper in the dark them. Attribution in info file also. The irritations: Things seem inconsistent in Haiku, it’s not a […]

Get Amazon Affiliate Links With Image From Python Using Amazon’s API.

This script will show you how to build an Amazon affiliate link with image from the new API that generates HTML that can be inserted into a blog. I made this as an example for my wife. She ended up using a plugin in WordPress. It uses python-amazon-paapi to do all the heavy lifting. You […]

Remove old snap data for uninstalled snap apps with Python

Snaps do have a purge argument but I always forget to use it. I wrote a script in Python to help with my laziness. This will only remove snap data for apps that have been uninstalled. If you want to keep the data and configs for some apps you will need to include the name […]

My favorite open source apps of 2023 that you may not have seen.

Here are a few tools I have been using this year. I absolutely love these open source apps and I think you might too. Amberol Amberol is a music player with no delusions of grandeur. If you just want to play music available on your local system then Amberol is the music player you are […]

How to get your encrypted Amazon e-books to ePub

Capitalism sucks and it is very apparent when you buy Amazon e-books. Don’t think locking books you buy down to Amazon and their eBook readers is good for authors. It is for Amazon investors and Bezos, period. Notice how easy they made if for authors to publish on their platform and the lack of editor […]