PowerShell console weather script

I wanted a little more detail than some other terminal weather programs provide so I wrote one in PowerShell. I do not consider it complete as I will eventually rewrite error handling, how I handle the data, and add better documentation. It works and can be used to learn or rework into a better script. […]

Fix missing shared libraries for a game in Lutris

This is how I fixed missing shared libs for Baulder’s Gate 1 and 2 in Lutris. Should work for any game missing shared libs though. Just be aware, I am currently running Ubuntu 24.04 so these names and paths may be different. Look at the log in Lutris by clicking on the up arrow beside […]

Ardour 8 on Ubuntu 24.04 – Set memory unlimited and real-time priority.

Install Ardour 8 from Flathub or build it yourself. Flatpak is not installed on Ubuntu 24.04 so you will need to set it up. This should also work for Renoise if it uses Pipewire. The limits file will not work. When you run Ardour you will likely receive the following warning: Your system has a […]

Ubuntu 24.04 installs snaps by default using apt? Nope!

While reading through Ubuntu blogs I came across this post complaining about snaps, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH UBUNTU 24.04. It may be partly true, I am not sure as I did not install a ton of shit using apt to test. I will say that it is likely very true of the new app […]

Quick Linux Install Tip – Drives

One of the best things about Linux is that you can use a drive as home. It’s easy to simply let the Linux installer configure your drives, but is it the best solution? I don”t think so. Either way, this is how I do things. Note: If you just want to use a full drive, […]

My favorite Linux software of 2023

2023 was a great year for open source, in my opinion. Many of my old Linux software favorites got major updates or overhauls. Inkscape, Scribus, and Blender are more amazing than ever! Linux itself has become a lot easier and more stable thanks to the awesome kernel updates. I know some folks have issues with […]

Remove old snap data for uninstalled snap apps with Python

Snaps do have a purge argument but I always forget to use it. I wrote a script in Python to help with my laziness. This will only remove snap data for apps that have been uninstalled. If you want to keep the data and configs for some apps you will need to include the name […]

My favorite open source apps of 2023 that you may not have seen.

Here are a few tools I have been using this year. I absolutely love these open source apps and I think you might too. Amberol Amberol is a music player with no delusions of grandeur. If you just want to play music available on your local system then Amberol is the music player you are […]

Show HEIC thumbnails in Gnome Files

This is all that is needed to get Apple HEIC image thumbnails in the Gnome file manager. I am currently running Ubuntu 23.04 but this should be similar in most distros using their package managers. It’s so easy a caveman could do it… sudo apt update sudo apt install libheif1 heif-thumbnailer heif-gdk-pixbuf That’s it. You […]