Ubuntu 24.04 installs snaps by default using apt? Nope!

While reading through Ubuntu blogs I came across this post complaining about snaps, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH UBUNTU 24.04. It may be partly true, I am not sure as I did not install a ton of shit using apt to test. I will say that it is likely very true of the new app store, but who cares?

I had installed 24.04 release in virtual to make sure it’s not going to give me grief when I install to my machine. After reading that post I wanted to check it out. I did the following:

sudo apt installed neofetch.

snap list | grep “neofetch” Nothing.

apt list | grep “neofetch” There it is. Yay!

ubuntu 24.04 terminal using apt

I then purged and installed using the software center, or whatever they call it. Yes, no option to select deb. After install I ran snap list again, there it is.

So, I am thinking, why he is complaining?

Would most new users care what the software is packaged in? Just about everything they will use is likely in the new app store, which I am not fond of, but it works. Seriously, the whole apt verses snap would be transparent to them until they start digging deeper into the system.

I also doubt they will be downloading debs from the internet as new users, but if they do, they can use apt to install them:

sudo apt install -f “path/some.deb”

The whole deb verses snap is simply an anal Linux user gripe based on opinions from their past experiences using Ubuntu. Stop complaining about new tech and the company’s decisions. If you don’t like it, move to another distro or install another software manager.

After looking a bit deeper, I see debs in the new app center. Hmm…

debs in ubuntu 24.04 app store

App center Alternative

If you really hate the new App Center, you can install Synaptic.

installing synaptic