Brightness fix on System 76 Oryx Pro

Backlight Fix System 76 Oynx Pro (2018) GTX1060 update 10/27/2019

Looking for keyboard back light fix on Arch?

Installed Pop OS 19.10 and all is working as expected. This is a solid release!

Backlight Fix System 76 Oynx Pro (2018) GTX1060 update 1/16/2019

Intel never had any problems after the BIOs update so this is focused on Nvidia.
I have a GTX1060 but this may work for other cards, just be sure you have the correct driver for your card and I cannot guarantee you’ll have the same results.

Make sure your BIOs are at the latest firmware.
Update your system if you haven’t done so.
Add the Ubuntu Display repo:

	sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
	sudo apt-get update

Switch to Intel if running under Nvidia:

	system76-power graphics intel


Go into the Additional Drivers section and select the Nvidia driver 4.15.x. At this point I had conflicts, you may not. I purged all Nvidia drivers while running under the Intel driver then selected 4.15.x in Additional Drivers again and booted to Nvidia. At this point some folks might get a black screen. I am using Budgie as my DE and did not experience this, it might be more of an issue on Ubuntu than Pop or other drivers, I am not sure.

To get you to a terminal so you can fix it or flip to Intel using the above command: Ctrl+Alt+F1

this might help:

Brightness works consistently now. If this driver becomes available as an update in the official Pop driver list you may not need the Ubuntu PPA.

If an update shows up in Pop! Store for Nvidia Settings 4,15.x install it. Do not install the other Nvidia drivers, especially if you had dependency issues. Some people also black listed the Nouveau driver. I did not need to do this.


I found some apps will not run while using the Nvidia driver. Krita and Blender both fail to start.

Screenshots, click to view:

I did this awhile ago and the 415 driver is showing as installable as seen in the image so either the PPA pulled it in or Pop put this driver up.

I am trying the driver directly from nvidia next.

Version: 410.93
Release Date: 2019.1.3
Operating System: Linux 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 102.29 MB

Original post below left for reference.

I recently received the System 76 Oryx Pro laptop – June 2018 – and this thing is a beast. If you want more portable go with something else. I decided to get it preinstalled with Pop! OS to see how well it integrated with the hardware. By default most things worked and I really didn’t spend much time configuring or fixing things beyond setting it up for me and my workflow. I did install Gnome Tweaks to alter a couple of things but for the most part the OS is unchanged.

To the problem. Out of the box there was no ability to control brightness on the laptop monitor. I do not use external monitors so I do not know if this will fix anything related to that. To partially fix brightness when using Nvidia in Pop! OS I simply flashed the BIOs and it magically started working. The brightness controls/keys worked in Pop but it stops working after the lid is closed or the machine goes to sleep. This did not work for Nvidia in Mint 19 at all.

Update: The following grub hack does not work! None do, unless you want to install utils and write some scripts to hack things. What I found that does work is to install Linux Mint 19, much nicer OS IMO but this likely works in any Gnome DE, and install this. The control in power settings wont work, but this does and adds color too, but only if you switch to Intel drivers. I assume Intel will work better in Pop too. I also had problems with the System 76 drivers in Mint so install at your own risk. I’m hoping a future Nvidia driver/kernel update will correct the problem at some point.

If you plan to install Windows this laptop is a rebranded Sager Gaming laptop so visit their site for ease of driver lookups. I think it’s a Clevo P650SE. Update: That model is no longer available and System 76 may no longer use this company.

The second problem was after putting the laptop to sleep/suspend (closing the lid) the brightness controls would stop working until it was rebooted. Irritating! Here’s the fix:

1. Verify the Nvidia driver is installed and in use.
2. Update BIOs firmware if screen brightness slider missing and keyboard keys are not working.
3. Edit the /etc/default/grub file from the terminal.
a. sudo nano /etc/default/grub
b. Change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT from “quiet splash” to “quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux”
c. sudo update-grub