Development Environments With GUI Designers For Linux

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Designing GUI applications on Linux can be a learning curve. If you are used to products like Visual Studio finding similar tools on Linux can be difficult until you know what’s available. Let this guide make that search quicker with these IDE options that have WYSIWYG and visual designers built in. As a bonus, many of these tools also run on Windows and/or Mac and can compile applications for multiple platforms. A couple also have ARM versions.

Anjuta DevStudioOpen source IDE with integrated Glade GUI designer.Linux, UnixC/C++, Python, Vala, more
AnubiasMobile\Desktop app designer.WebGenerates JavaScript
Basic for QtCommercial\free for Linux, Basic Qt IDE.Linux, Windows, OS XBasic
Boa ConstructorOpen source Python IDELinux, Unix, Windows, OS XPython
CEED\CEGUIOpen source IDE\GUI designer for C languages geared more for games.Linux, Windows, OS XC++, Lua
Code::Blocks \ WXCrafterOpen source IDE with WX GUI designer plugin.Linux, Unix, Windows. OS XC/C++
Codelite \ WXCrafterOpen source IDE with WX GUI designer plugin.Linux, Unix, Windows. OS XC/C++, Rust, Python, JavaScript
CambalacheGUI designer for GTK3/4. Not an IDE.LinuxXML
EcereOpen source ec-lang IDE.Linux, Unix, Windows. OS XC/C++, eC
FireMonkeyProprietary RAD Studio/Delphi Linux GUI tools.LinuxDelphi Pascal, C++
Gambas3Open Source Basic IDE.Linux, UnixBasic
GladeGlade is not an IDE it is purely a GTK GUI designer but it can generate interfaces that can be used with a ton of languages.Linux, UnixXML, C source code 
Gnome BuilderOpen source IDE.Linux, UnixC/C++, Python, Vala, C#, Rust, more
GodotVisual designer and property assignment, IDE, and compilers for game development.Linux, Windows. OS XGDScript, C++, C#, more
LazarusOpen source Free Pascal IDE.Linux, Windows. OS XFreePascal, C/C++
MonoDevelopOpen source\Commercial IDE with Gtk# and WinForms visual designers.Linux, Windows. OS XC#, F#, more
NetbeansOpen source Java IDE Swing visual editor or JFormDesigner.Linux, Windows. OS XC/C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript
PoshGUIMostly a Winforms GUI designer that Generates PowerShell.WebPowershell
Pure BasicCommercial Basic IDE.Linux, Windows. OS XBasic
pygubuOpen source Python Tk Interface builder inspired by Glade.Linux, Windows. OS XPython
QTCommercial/Open source.Linux, Windows. OS XC++, Python
XojoCommercial Basic IDE.Linux, Windows. OS XBasic