EasyGo Compucleaner 2.0 – Electric High Pressure Air Duster Quick Review

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My house is dusty! There is no way to avoid that fact. We have an older house and a bird and two dogs. You can clean every day but you are not getting away with your electronics collecting all that dander and whatever else is floating around.

Now that things are closed, limited, or down right empty due to the corona virus the last thing I want to do is drive around risking my ass looking for canned air but computers build up dust. Off to Amazon.

Right off the bat I found a battery powered blower. It looked really nice, great size, and no cord. The only problem, it was $80.00. Plus I am thinking I’d likely need to charge when I want to use it since dusting isn’t a daily task. I just need to blow out the fans on our machines and router from time to time, you know? I certainly don’t want to wait for a charge each time I need to use it.

The only other blower I could find, that didn’t look like total crap or was more likely used to inflate tires, was the EasyGo. Well, it’s what I bought as it was $50.00 with free shipping. Hell, it got here in a day and a half so I cannot complain.


  • It works well. The air stream is strong and blew the crap out of my laptop and my kids Vornado fan.
  • It’s a very well made product, very solid. The tools included fit well and worked as expected.


  • It does need to be plugged in to use.
  • It’s very big and awkward, shaped like a watering can. The smallest tip is big also so if you need to get into tight spaces you will be disappointed.

That’s about it, I will keep it and use it for my laptops but if I need to get into a small space I might keep some canned air on hand. Hell, I might just buy the Opolar battery powered blower for $80 for those occasional jobs.


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