List of Linux IDEs with GUI designers.

Are looking to develop GUI applications on Linux but don’t really want the tediousness of hand coding the interface? Here is a list of IDEs or visual designers with WYSIWYG ability. Many of these tools also run on Windows and/or Mac and can compile for all three platforms with a few including arm and smart devices.

Pure Basic – Commercial Basic IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Lazarus – Open source Free Pascal IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux. I have an example program I wrote if you need a starter.

Gambas3 – Open Source Basic IDE for Linux.

CEED/CEGUI – Open source IDE/GUI designer for C languages geared more for games. Windows, Mac, Linux.

Anjuta DevStudio – Open source IDE with integrated Glade GUI designer C/C++, Python, Vala, etc. for Linux.

Codelite/WXCrafter – Open source IDE C/C++ with WX GUI designer for Linux, Mac, Windows.

MonoDevelop – Open source/Commercial C#, F#, and Basic IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Xojo – Commercial Basic IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

QT – Commercial/Open source C++, Python IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Gnome Builder – Open source C, C++, Python, Vala, C#, Rust IDE for Linux.

Boa Constructor – Open source Python IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Netbeans – Open source Java IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Ecere – Open source ec-lang IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Basic for Qt – Commercial/free for Linux, Basic IDE for Windows, Mac, Linux.

pygubu – Open source Python Tk Interface builder inspired by Glade for Linux, Windows, Mac.

FireMonkey – RAD Studio/Delphi Linux GUI tools. Can be PIP installed, DelphiFMX, and used in Python scripts.

Glade – Glade, Linux only, is not an IDE it’s purely a GTK GUI designer, but it can generate interfaces that can be used with a ton of languages on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Here’s a few:

Anubias – Mobile app designer.

KivyMD – A Kivy visual designer for the Python language. Not an IDE but a serious time saver. You can build for Android and iPhone as well as the major desktops. Might be dead, which is a shame.

Godot – Visual designer and property assignment, IDE, and compilers.

This one may seem a bit unorthodox, because you’d typically make games in Godot. The form elements are not as polished as say Gtk or Qt from a desktop perspective but with a little vector design work you can easily make them actually look damned nice. A major benefit, besides having a GUI designer, is the fact you can compile for all platforms, like ARM, Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Pretty cool. You can use Godot’s default language or C, C#, and a couple others. Their language, GD script, is similar to Javascript with Python like undertones.