My top three Desktop Operating Systems for 2012

Mountain Lion is the cats meow. Now all my Macintosh devices are one!

“We are Apple. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

And, after a couple days in Windows 8 I have a feeling even the Borg would have lost interest in Microsoft all together, I certainly did, yet again… Anyway.

As good as Mountain Lion is I really want to rave about Linux. No, not Ubuntu, CrunchBang and Pinguy!

I love CrunchBang because it’s fast, stable and runs light. It’s a little more work than some bigger distributions, but this is why it’s so lean and clean. I’m running it in VirtualBox on my Mac and it runs really well and takes up very little space.

Pinguy on the other hand is bad ass if you’re looking to switch from Windows or OS X to Linux on a decent bit of hardware. Pinguy in my opinion is what Ubuntu should have become and what LinuxMint tried to be. There are some other really good Linux distros out there, but these are my favorites for 2012.

My number one pick for 2012 is Mountain Lion with Pinguy and CrunchBang neck in neck for second. Honestly, they are all really good and I expect I won’t change my mind too much going into 2013; although, I’ve been wanting to give Slackware and PC-BSD a go since it’s been a few years since I’ve run either of them. Since I didn’t really give a third place, I’d have to say Sabayon fits rather well so it is my third place pick for 2012.