Scribus 1.5.5 Book Cover Tutorial Video

I wanted to give Scribus another try and had some downtime today. I used it eariler in the year to create a book cover for a friend’s family member who publishes on Amazon. This time I wanted to refresh myself and learn a bit more so why not record a video to show the compete process of creating a book cover since I’m doing it anyway?

Scribus 1.5.5 is not the stable version, it’s the most recent, but I had no issues with stability. The majority of problems I had were more me not knowing where some tools are or how to access the settings. The only real trouble I had with the application itself was with text layout. It is rather clunky and took a bit of effort to get the desired layout I wanted. I did manage to get a result that was satifactory but may not be ideal if I were sending this to a client. I’d likely drive myself crazy trying to get things prefect if I were sending this to a customer.

I felt at home beyond the text issues. It has layers and works in a similar fashion as most photo editors so it is mostly intuitive once you know were to get the obscure things, like colors for text, setup. If you need to do page layout I would recommend it if you’re not willing to pay for a commercial product.

The video itself is a bit long. I was winging it so I didn’t have any real design, fonts, of images ready. I cut my fumbling out as much as I could. Maybe it will help someone.