Flowblade 2 Video Editor Video Tutorial made in Flowblade

I decided to give Flowblade Video Editor a go for the hell of it. I got tired of playing Divine Divinity. In the past I had stability issues with Flowblade so I tended to use Pitivi or KDEnlive and avoid it. Since it is now at 2.0 I wanted to give it a try. I installed through the Pop! Shop and found later version 2.2 is out. Just grab the latest from the Flowblade site to update or install the latest. I did find it to be solid on POP!_OS 19.10. I experienced no crashes or slow downs. I would imagine it will be solid on most distros if you have fairly decent hardware.

The posted video will walk you through a basic and complete video project using the most common tools. Yeah, nothing really fancy since I am not a video editor. I’m learning, dammit! Please be kind if it seems a bit rough, it is. I chopped the end a bit to keep the video size down so I do not play the whole final video. I will likely not post the final video since I don’t have unlimited space. I thought about YouTube but the music might get it zapped. Either way, it should get you up to speed if you want to see a complete edit with titles, fades, etc.

Things that I learned that are not in the video. When I do the fade in/out effect between clips I kept changing the numbered setting. Don’t bother. Zoom the clip and stretch the fade to the desired length, you get the same result. The setting did not seem to work well anyway. The only annoyance with this approach was the composite “blend” had to be moved before I could access the fades. Maybe do the fades first and add the blend last. I noticed little things like that throughout the process, maybe I’ll visit those in another video. You will likely find better ways to do things as well. I also avoided the keyboard so you could see what was going on. I think using it would make things quicker and more efficient.

What’s in the video?

  • Custom title screen with fade.
  • Split and remove audio from the original clip.
  • Add new audio track with volume and fade out.
  • Fade in/out between clips.
  • Adding a title within Flowblade,
  • Make titles\png image transparent allowing the video the show behind titles.
  • Video marking and in-editor cuts.
  • Effect key frames.
  • Render setting to get HD 1920×1080. My mp3 is old so I need to tweak that or use something more fresh.

Keyboard and mouse used:

  • Mouse scroll wheel to zoom tracks in/out.
  • Ctrl + Left mouse to drag clips to editor.
  • Del
  • Space bar to start and stop playback.

Other tools used:

  • Krita to create the custom title screen.
  • OBS to record my screen.

If you have trouble watching in the browser you can download here. The video format is MP4 H.264.