Install Photoshop CS6 on POP!OS 20.04 in PlayOnLinux

I find that Krita and/or The Gimp can pretty much do everything I want but one thing they can’t do is provide some of the excellent plug-ins found for Photoshop, not that G’Mic is not great. If Krita could get Photoshop plug-in support I would imagine it would take a big chuck of Adobe’s end user market. I really don’t want to pay monthly for occasional plug-in use on the latest versions.


This is really straight forward. Have your Photoshop CS6 installer ready. If you have an installer and legit key just skip this first part. This might work for Extended but I don’t own that so I did not try. I am running POP! OS 20.04 with Wine 5+, PlayOnLinux version 4.3.4.

If you do not have an installer you can find it on the internet. You will need a key, maybe this helps if you do not have yours. If you do not use your key or the activation servers are no longer functional then you will need the altered DLL. I would not recommend using downloaded installers and cracks on an actual Windows machine. If you use this method you must turn your internet connection off until the install process is done and you have replaced the DLL.

I am not advocating theft so if you do not own Photoshop CS6 consider finding a copy for sale online, but be aware that the likelihood that any copy being sold online are not legit at this point. Adobe created yet another black-market and a lot of scam sales when they pulled the offline products off the shelf. People generally want to do the right thing but corporations in their greed can cause good people to do stupid shit.

Now the two things you need to do to get the installer to work.

This was super easy, just use the Adobe Photoshop CS6 installer option in PlayOnLinux under Graphics. It will likely fail. To get the installer to work, if it failed, click on ‘Configure’. You will see the new virtual environment you just created. Select it then select Install Components. In the list you want to install Microsoft Core Fonts and MSXML3. once those are installed select the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab and click on Run a .exe … in this virtual drive and run the CS6 installer again. You should be golden. If you want to install plug-ins this is where you run their setups as well.

Once installed you need to configure the program you want to run. While still in ‘Configure’ select ‘General’ then click Make new shortcut … then navigate to your home root, …/PlayOnLinux’s virtual drives/your_virtual_cs6_drive/drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Photoshop.exe

Photoshop runs very well. There are occasional glitches but nothing so irritating the software is not usable. Here’s a quick video to prove it…