Nim recursive duplicate file search.

I was wanting to spend some time with Nim programming language since it looks very similar to two of my favorite languages, Python being one. I am very impressed with it so far but I don’t really have anything to write at the moment and the kid keeps bugging me to paint his traffic light so why not something quick and easy? SHA is slow.

I will be using this language a lot so I’ll post more as I do more. I plan to tackle GUI stuff soon.

import os
import std/sha1
import tables

# Compile: Save as dupes.nim and
# compile with: nim compile --opt:speed --run dupes.nim

echo "Enter search path: "
var searchPath: string = readLine(stdin)

var hashTable = initTable[string, seq[string]]()

for objPath in walkDirRec(searchPath, {pcFile}):

    var shaResult = $(secureHashFile(objPath))

    if not hashTable.hasKey(shaResult):
        var matchSeq = newSeq[string]()
        hashTable[shaResult] = matchSeq

# Roll through results and print to screen.
for key, value in hashTable:
    echo key, " " ,value

And one of five lights sanded, cleaned, and painted.